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The world is a miracle.

Anyone who has ever thought about world nature and origin will agree with us. At our day-to-day activity we often forget about environment and don’t catch simple things. Evidently we neglect by nature’s bounty.

Miracle waterfall

In the meantime our Planet is unique. And every part of Earth is unique as well. It is impossible to explore all. But it is possible to aspire. If you are not satisfied with grey everyday, if you feel a challenge into yourself, just look around and you will find that Planet smile to you.

We don’t want to leave a reality and become wanderers. But we want to be a human, not robots. What we need for that? That is easy. We have to be pleased by world and we have to discover a world. Use every opportunity to meet with world’s miracles. Go on travels, join to divers or paraglider’s pilots, explore new sciences and help to do the same to your friends.

Winter mountains

Do not leave relatives and even unacquainted people in distress. Help them; show them that life is perfect. Show them what know yourself and one day somebody will help you. That is a world’s circulation and that is a life truth.

We’ll fill our project by useful information about countries and travels, hobbies and kinds of sport, disease’s fight practice and good health methods. We want to share with everybody what we know because we believe everybody will share with us. Internet will help us to find new friends and someone who thinks the same way.

Miracle waterfall

What our logic is? We are against any borders. We want people from different parts of the Earth became closest each other and nature. And we trust it is possible because kindness inherent to everyone.

Only politicians and large businessman try to disassociate people. Plain people want to live in peace. They join to different public associations and help each other to discover a world.

The most young and nevertheless very popular association is couchsurfers community. This really working and useful net prove we are capable to be kind-hearted even with strangers.

Underwater world

Join us if you have interest information about anything but don’t know how tell it to world. Together we will create a really miracle world guide. Together we will make the miracles of our planet more achievable.

Do not hesitate to let us know if things were changed somewhere and our information have lost an actuality. We’ll update it as soon as you inform us by E-mail or through the forum.

We are not a wikipedia of course. And we do not apply for originality. All of our publications and projects will be just a little addition to your knowledge. But we hope it will be useful to you.
Have a fun with our ready projects.

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Crimea. Spend your vacation in the most interesting part of Black Sea… Croatia! The miraculous combination of sea and mountains…

What our Planet is?

The Planet Earth

Our Planet is an incredible combination of billion key charac-
teristics and energy which provide us opportunity to be alive.

We are lucky!

The Planet Earth

Let’s imagine.
There are around 40 trillion billion planets in our observable Universe. But life is only on the Earth!

And don’t use it.

The Planet Earth

Inside of big cities we forget how it
to be a human. A lot of us are workers, managers, clerks etc.

Stop it!
We are the people!

The Planet Earth

Let’s live together with nature!